Brooklynn’s Busy Week

Snuggle Time with Brooklynn!

Brooklynn has been very busy this past week. She is now 2 lbs 5 oz.  She has had lots of cuddle time with mom and dad. She is awake and aware of her surroundings more and more. Her eyes are so wide and take in everything around her. Friday made 2 weeks that she has been on the non-invasive nasal cannula. We were prepared for her to only be on this for a short time before she got tired or her lungs needed more help, but the girl proved us wrong! She is still going strong.

Hand in Hand

We had a small scare last week when her doctor thought there may be an infection somewhere. After several tests, it was determined that she just needed a blood transfusion. They decided to stop feeds for a couple of days and let her belly rest. She started feedings again yesterday and is doing well. Even with all of that going on, she was able to stay on the nasal cannula.



Brooklynn’s first bath, she’s not liking it!

Sister got her first bath last night. Her nurses sent us pictures and it was quite apparent that she was not at all happy about them caring for her in such a way. She has quite the personality already, and doesn’t mind letting you know if she is unhappy. It is such a blessing to have nurses that care for her so well and that take the time to share these moments with us.


Kambry’s first snuggles

We continue to pray that very soon Kambry and Brooklynn will be rejoined. Kambry is doing really well in Jackson. She is up to 12 cc’s of milk every 3 hours! This is huge for her, the most she has ever gotten.  Hopefully, this is helping to make her stronger and soon she will be on a nasal cannula like her sister. I spent a few hours wth her yesterday. She smiles at the nurses and keeps them on their toes.


It is so tough having them separated and even worse not being able to see Kambry every day. We covet your prayers and thank God daily for all our prayer warriors. These girls are a testimony to answered prayers!!

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  1. I pray daily for our little angels! They are so precious! You and Richard will be great parents. God knew what he was doing when He gave them to you. We lost vex and miss you at church. Give the girls and extra kiss from me.

  2. You are absolutely right ! These beautiful girls are a wonderful testimony! God is so wonderful and his healing hands touch their lives continuously! Prayers continues for not just them but for mom and dad for your strength and encouragement. Look forward to the next chapter in this beautiful story! God bless everyone involved in their lives.

    1. What awesome God we serve! What a testimony to how He loves & cares for all His precious little children when no one else can.Our prayers continue with not only the beautiful little angels,also the family,and medical staff. We love ya’ll with the love of Christ.

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