Welcome to our site.  We want to keep friends and family updated as to our daily activities and pictures with this blog for our Twin Girls, Brooklynn Marie and Kambry Janell, and their progress as we venture through life in the NICU.


Brooklynn Marie and Kambry Janell Carter were born on January 9, 2017 at 24 weeks and 3 days.  They are  our little premmie angels and this is their story.


Together again!

Well, it’s been a long 4 months, but the girls are back together again.  Kambry got to come back home to Forrest General on Thursday and we couldn’t be happier.  For the first time in since February, we’ve had the girls in the same place so that we could see them both together.  With Brooklynn …

Bringing Home a NICU Baby

So, just to fill you all in on some of challenges we have and to let every one know that we aren’t trying alienate ourselves or any of you, but this is a challenging time for us. You can find more info here: Coming home from the NICU.  


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