Day 45!

Kambry holding Daddy’s finger

So, we are through 6 weeks, 45 days to be exact and Kambry is doing well other than her PDA issue.  I was at the hospital this morning for Rounds and

the physician is very proud of her improvements thus far.  She was on 21% oxygen when I got there this morning, which is essentially the same thing as we atmospheric oxygen volume.  She had her first poopy diaper this morning in a few days so we were really excited about that.

After getting her Ultrasound results back this afternoon, we are still a little concerned about the PDA, but the physician feels that there is no need to rush a decision on surgery.  He would like to give her a few days and see if she improves on her own.

She has gained a bit of weight, she is now 2lbs!  

As always, we thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers, and we ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer as we continue on to tomorrow.

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  1. So happy we are 6 weeks old! It is truly amazing how much they have changed in that time. So very pleased for good reports; I know you are too. Praying for you, The Carter, and The Girls many many times a day. May God give you exactly what you need to stay strong and prosper in the coming days and months. Dave, Max, and I love you so very much!

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