We’ve made it through 5 weeks!

Hi everyone! The girls have both had a very busy week. Mostly just growing and getting stronger. Their nurses will tell you that they are both very feisty. Some say that trait comes from their mom ūüôā ¬†I say that it is a trait that is helping them to fight and press on through each day!

Kambry is doing well and getting lots of attention in Jackson. Her Daddy gives her his undivided attention most days. She is now over a foot long¬†and 1 lb 14oz and her belly is doing great! ¬†She is still on small feeds right now to get her belly accustomed to eating. She is anywhere from 2-4 cc’s every 3 hours. ¬†She did have to be cut back on her feeds yesterday because she needed another blood transfusion. The good news is that she isn’t needing those nearly as often as she was initially. Recent tests show that her kidney function is looking good and her liver issues are very slowly getting better. She shows no signs of any liver damage and her direct Bilirubin levels are coming down. The main two issues we are battling now are her Vent settings and the large PDA in her heart. She got medicine to try to help close the PDA this week, but it the testing showed very little improvement. We will try one more round of meds but may have to consider surgery to close it. That is super scary to us, but we know it would be best for her. ¬†Without the PDA closing she likely won’t be able to wean off of the vent anytime soon. We ask that you will pray specifically over these issues for our girl. ¬†We know the power of prayer!!

Brooklynn has had a busy week growing and is 1lb 15oz. She is still doing great on the non-invasive breathing and has gotten some good belly time with Mom and Dad as Rich calls it. ¬†She was so relaxed and happy yesterday that she pooped while I was holding her. It’s interesting the things that no longer bother you when you’re just happy to be holding your girl!!

We pray for continued growth and healing for both girls. We are always thankful for each call, text, and blog message that you all send to us. We couldn’t continue to do this without the strength of our Father and your support. Thank you for taking the time and having the desire to check on our girls!!

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