Girls are Vent Free!

Kambry getting mama time!

Just wanted to give a quick update since it’s been a couple of weeks.  Both the girls are now off of the ventilator and on non-invasive ventilation.  They were able to pull Kambry off the vent last week and she has been doing well with breathing semi on her own; the tube in the picture here is her feeding tube.  We are so thankful for both of our little girls and ask that you please continue to pray for them, as well as the two of us, as they continue their journey.  We are looking forward to possibly getting Kambry back to Hattiesburg with her sister soon.


Will update again with more pics as soon as we have them and we thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers through this time.

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  1. Richard&Amy. We’ve continued to keep your little angels &yourselves in our prayers & on our prayer list. There is hardly a day that goes by that the girls don’t come up in our . Our love and prayers stay with you and your family! LYA!
    Pastor Chuck

  2. I like to read the posts on these sweet babies 💕 God is the miracle working God! It’s amazing how far they have come and how they have grown and all the obstacles God has brought them through. To God be the glory 🙌🏻 ✝️ Please keep posting. I check the site every so often to see if there are any updates! May God continue to keep and bless.

  3. Such great news! I’m praying they are back together soon & that you both are blessed with peace and rest through these crazy days. Much love to you all.

    1. We thank God everyday for your little angels and how good they’re doing! Also for the strength and peace that HE’s given to the both of you. It’s such a blessing to be cradled in His arms! Our love and best wishes are with your sweet family.

      Pastor Chuck

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