Time for updates!

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update!  It’s been a few days since our last one and a lot has changed since then.


We will start with Brooklynn first since she hasn’t had a lot of changes over the last few days.  They have increased her feedings to 13cc’s every 3 hours and they are adding proteins and other nutrients to her milk to increase her weight gain and help with growth.  She is doing so well on her feedings and weight gain that they have taken her off of the IV nutrients, she is up to 1lb 8ozs now and as of 1/29/17 she is 12 1/4 inches long.


Kambry is doing much better since our last update.  She has been on a constant roller coaster ride since birth, having had quite a few problems with infections and needing other medicines to help with blood pressure and kidney function, as well as insulin to help control her blood sugar.  They had to hold her feedings for almost a week for blood transfusion and to get medicines that she needed.  She started back on her feedings (3cc’s every 3 hours) on 1/29 and everything is looking very good with her.  She is up to 1lb 5ozs now and we are hoping to get her feedings increased over the next few days so that she can catch up to Brooklynn in growth.

That pretty well covers everything we know right now and just wanted to pass this information on to our friends and family.  We ask for your continued prayers for our little angels and will continue to update when we get new information.

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    1. Richard & Amy & your little blessings from God; I’m CO’s prayer partner,my church family and all the pastors that I’m associated with have your whole family on our prayer lists. We’re all praying everyday, & thank Him in advance for all He’s. doing and going to do in your lives. May His hand be on your family &His angels have a hedge around you & His Love always be with your family .
      Love Ya with all the love of Christ.

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