Blood Donors Needed! (Update)

Our baby girls will be in need of blood transfusions over the next few weeks. In order to keep our hospital costs down you could help us out a great deal by donating blood via Directed Donor. What this does is allows you, the donor, to fill out a form, which I will link below, saying that you would like to donate blood in our daughters’ name so that any blood they may need will be replenished by your donation.

More information on Directed Donations can be found here.

— Quick Update —

We have already taken the form and gotten the Physician to sign it, filled in all the necessary information for both of the girls and turned it in to United Blood Services.

If you live in the Hattiesburg area and want to donate in the Girls’ name give me a call, text or email and I can call United Blood Services to have your name added to the list.

I can be reached via phone or text @ 601 543 4310 or via email @ Dad’s email

Thank you in advance for all your help.

A brief history…

So, just to catch everyone up to date..

The past week has been very hectic, Joyous, stressful, Hopeful, traumatic, though at the same time Amazing and Miraculous. Amy and I are both very tired and worn out from the many emotions that we’ve been through over the last week. Our baby girls were brought into this world at 6:28pm(Brooklynn) and 6:30pm(Kambry) on January 9, 2017. I was in the delivery room and got to witness the birth, an experience that I will never forget; even if it was a bit unnerving for me. We have 2 very dear friends who work in the NICU, one of which was actually off on Monday, but called to see if she could clock in to be there for the both of us. Amy got to see the girls after the birth, though with the meds and sedation I don’t think she got a very clear look at them.

Brooklynn wearing daddy’s wedding band, holding mommy’s finger!

On Tuesday, we took Amy to see the girls. She was still on some of the meds so she needed a bit of assistance getting there. We were moved from L&D to Family Birthplace on Tuesday night, where we spent the next two nights.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – Both girls had gained a little bit of weight (approximately 2-3oz) and are doing very well.  The Physicians still haven’t been able to get Kambry’s A-Line (arterial line for obtaining blood for testing) started, Brooklynn’s A-line was placed shortly after delivery.

Thursday, January 12, 2017 – Some good news, some bad news.

The bad news – We might have to send Kambry to Jackson to the Children’s Hospital to see if they can get the A-line in.  Her Dr. is worried about having to continually stick her to draw blood for testing.  She is having some problems with her Sodium and Sugar levels so they are testing 3 times a day at this point.

The good news – Amy was discharged Thursday evening, so we were able to come home and get our first decent night of rest all week; even though it was hard for both of us to leave the hospital knowing we wouldn’t be taking our girls home with us.

Kambry wearing daddy’s wedding band, holding mommy’s finger!

Friday, January 13, 2017 – Talks about taking Kambry to Jackson resulted in keeping her here.  After her Neonatologist called and spoke with physicians in Jackson it was determined that the same care would be provided for her there as we are getting here.  The only reason to take her to Jackson would be if she needed surgery.  We feel confident in her care here and will stay unless deemed otherwise necessary to move her.

Hello world!

On January 9th, 2017, our little bundles of Joy entered this world.  No, we were not ready, neither were they.  Due to complications with pregnancy our little girls arrived at 24 weeks, 3 days.  They were each 14oz, Brooklynn was 8.25″ long and Kambry was 9.75″ long.

Kambry, 1 day old:                         Brooklynn, 1 day old: